a moon with fronds and a leaping hare

The Witch at the Forest's Edge: Thirteen Keys to Modern Traditional Witchcraft

by Christine Grace Author

This thoughtful and powerful book provides a nature- and forest-based framework for modern practice of traditional paganism. The forest's edge here is a liminal place, where a witch can step between different states and realities, encounter the wild magic of nature, and find a spiritual connection to the natural world. This beautifully-written book goes deep, examining 13 keys to modern witchcraft through this liminal lens. Essential skills are covered in a practical and nurturing voice, with activities and journaling reflections given for each. Advanced, arcane skills like ritual possession and hedge riding are made accessible, and foundational basics are given new perspective. The author's perspective is animistic but promotes no specific deity, and the focus is on deepening your theological understanding of your craft.