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Practically Pagan: An Alternative Guide to Magical Living

by Maria DeBlassie Author

This guide is full spells, daily conjurings, and insights to help those in search of a little more magic in their day to day life, with no expensive accessories or experience required. That’s the thing about everyday magic: it’s always within reach, within the self, and in the world. Only not in the way readers might normally think. It’s a less mumbling "double double toil and trouble" over a cauldron and trouble and a more cooking a delicious soup in a beloved cast iron pot. It’s simple. It’s mundane. It’s magic! This book offers grounded mystical practices, including how to turn routines into healing rituals, to teach readers how to connect to themselves, the Universe, and the magic of everyday life. Journey into the realm of pleasure magic, radical self-care, synchronicity, and the profound joy of living a life beyond the expected with this alternative guide to daily mystic practices.