Monsters by Ken Dahl

by Ken Dahl Author and Gabby Schulz Author

Monsters is the latest graphic novel by Ken Dahl, author of the Microcosm published title Welcome to the Dahlhouse. Monsters is a semi-autobiographical story about Ken contracting Herpes, and slowly letting it take over his life. Self-deprecating by nature, the virus inside him makes him feel like even more of a monster. The reader learns along with Ken about what it means to be a carrier, and how it impacts every aspect of his life, especially romantically. As anyone who's read Dahlhouse knows, Ken is an incredible talent, and this book was much awaited here at Microcosm. 

Comments & Reviews


Gabby Schulz (the REAL Ken Dahl) is just amazing. So far, I've bought Monsters and Welcome to the Dahl House. Not only is his artwork amazing, but his sense of humor and informative topics are incredible too. I definitely agree with Brandon and E. Chris; everyone should read his books. He's also inspired me to get started working on my own graphic novel. Overall, Schulz' work is just plain amazing.


"Who'd expect me to read a comic about herpes? Well, I did, and it was awesome!

Hilarious and informative.

I love the art. There is so much to see. The framing is great. The subtleties are perfect. The story is good. Great overall.

I'd recommend this to anyone."


"One of the best graphic novels I have ever picked up. Ken Dahl is an incredible artist and storyteller. His ability to manipulate comic styles to serve the purpose of the message is inspiring. He also has an amazing talent for using backgrounds as secondary commentary (usually hilariously misanthropic). Everyone should read this book."