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The Verso Book of Feminism: Revolutionary Words from Four Millennia of Rebellion

by Jessie Kindig Editor

Throughout written history and across the world, women have protested the restrictions of gender and limitations placed on women’s bodies and women’s lives. People—of any and no gender—have protested and theorized, penned manifestos and written poetry and songs, testified and lobbied, gone on strike and fomented revolution, and quietly demanded that there is an “I” and loudly proclaimed that there is a “we.” The Book of Feminism is a weapon, an unabashed force, a lyrical cry, and an ongoing threat to misogyny everywhere, chronicling this global history of defiance by moving through defining moments such as indigenous women in the Caribbean resisting Columbus’s expedition, British suffragists militating for the vote, the Trung sisters who fought for the independence of Nam Viet, women in 1980s Botswana fighting for equal protection under the law, and more. Includes topics such as erotica of the 6th century and the 19th century, as well as radical queer politics in the 20th and 21st.

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