a flaming heart tattoo pierced with swords and ringed with roses at the center of the cover, with flowers, eagles, eyes, and chains positioned around it, all against a teal background

The Language of Tattoos: 130 Symbols and What They Mean

by Oliver Munden Illustrator and Nick Schonberger Author

Covering a wide range of styles, genres, and techniques, this book dives deep into the world of tattoos and reveals the hidden meanings behind many common tattoo symbols. A rich art form that has been practiced for thousands of years, tattoos have gained increasing prominence in recent years and serve as a popular way for people to express themselves through body art. But many people may not know the rich history and symbology that lies behind many popular tattoo motifs. The Language of Tattoos explores these hidden meanings, explaining how different symbols can convey anything from good luck, to freedom, wisdom, power, spirituality, or love. For lovers of tattoos everywhere, this book can deepen your understanding of yours and other's body art and help place your tattoos in a much larger historical and symbolic context.