a pangolin holding a sing that says 'it's not my fault'

It's Not My Fault: A Pangolin's Manifesto

by Rachel Shaw Author

If you've survived the last few years, maybe you've heard the name 'pangolin' and wondered what it means. Maybe you've even done a Google search. And maybe, you know that pangolins are adorable little scaled mammals that have been poached and trafficked for years for their scales' use in forms of homeopathic medicine, and that interactions between pangolins and other animals were identified as one of a few different possible sources for the COVID-19 virus. Well, this pangolin is here to set the record straight. In this cute little illustrated book, Rachel Shaw depicts a pangolin who's determined not to be blamed for the pandemic, and who wants to teach the reader a few things about this elusive, endangered animal. With lots of interesting facts about these enigmatic little creatures, and some sad facts as well (they are really quite endangered), Shaw educates the reader about the habits and lifestyles of pangolins and reminds them that every creature deserves protection from poachers.