flowers, acorns, seashells, rosemary, garlic and a butterfly

Nature's Hidden Charms: 50 Signs, Symbols & Practices from the Natural World to Bring Inner Peace, Protection & Good Fortune

by Liz Dean Author and Lizzie Harper Illustrator

Whenever we find ourselves in nature, it is easy to be drawn to a particular leaf, a particular colorful rock, or a seashell on the beach with an eye-catching hue. We are natural gatherers of such treasures, dating back to the days when humans gathered such items by necessity. In this book, author Liz Dean offers you tips and tricks to turn such treasures into more than just a leaf, a rock, or a seashell. By virtue of your spiritual connection to the natural world, these items can take on an additional import, and become a charm or a symbol. With histories of different kinds of charms from the natural world, and the meanings different items have held over time, Dean gives the reader the tools to create protection charms, charms for courage, for love, or for almost any purpose imaginable. Beyond charms, there are instructions for various rituals, creating a natural pendulum, building altars, and more. For the aspiring witch, or just for the average person who wants a more spiritual connection with the natural world, this book is a must read.