Perspectives on Anarchist theory col.14 n.1

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory V.13 N.2: Care

by Institute For Anarchist Studies Author

The Institute for Anarchist Studies is a non-profit that awards grants to writers translating or publishing Anarchist works. This is their Portland-based print journal, 120 pages of insightful modern Anarchist theory:

This is the "Care" issue, including Kevin Van Meter on his piece “To Care is to Struggle,” Kari Koch on her essay describing her recent trip to Brazil to participate in the People’s Summit alongside the Earth Summit + 20, and Julia Smedley on Mental Health and Peer Support.

  • Alternatives to EMS
  • Community Acupuncture
  • To Care is To Struggle
  • Rethinking Self & Determination
  • Peer Support & Mental Health
  • Home Defense & Mutual Aid
  • Much more!