Perspectives #28: Justice

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory N.28: Justice

by Institute For Anarchist Studies Author

This issue features: Introduction, On Justice, by Maia Ramnath, Paul Messersmith-Glavin, Sara Rahnoma-Galindo, and Lara Messersmith-Glavin for the Perspectives Collective.Interviews from an Uprising, by Sarah Coffey reporting from Ferguson, MO where she spent six months; Brick by Brick: Creating a World Without Prisons, by Layne Mullett, of Decarcerate PA; Meditation on Domestic Violence Intervention: A Personal Narrative, by Sara Rahnoma-Galindo of the IAS/Perspectives Collective and the LA IWW; Confronting Vigilante Responses in Accountability Work: The Need for Accountability in Everything We Do, by Romina Akemi of the LA IWW and Black Rose Anarchist Federation, and more. (Short Discount)