a bunch of olde english illustrations

The Book of English Magic

by Richard Heygate Author and Philip Carr-Gomm Author

This eclectic book undertakes a broad survey of various magical and occult practices, beliefs, and places in England. Learn how modern English witches tried to stop Saddam Hussein from massacring the Kurds, read an interview with a contemporary Welsh alchemist, and learn about an Elizabethan couple who decided an open marriage was the best path towards spiritual fulfillment. Visit Stonehenge and Mother Shipton's magical cave in Yorkshire. Bone up on astrology, herbal remedies, numerology, tarot, Shamanism, runes, and Druidic lore. Learn to dowse, hunt for ley lines, and cast a love spell. Friendly, perceptive, and entertaining. This is not a linear history, but rather a topical guided tour, which you can take from your comfy chair or by booking coach tickets. Each chapter contains illustrations, notable people and dates, places to visit, and tons of engaging stories, history, and facts. At over 500 pages long, this is a great reference or book to dip into as the mood strikes you.

(This book may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)