Perspectives on Anarchist Theory vol.12 no.2

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory V.12 V.2: The Politics of Climate Change

The Institute for Anarchist Studies is a non-profit that awards grants to writers translating or publishing Anarchist works. This is their print journal, 84 pages of insightful modern Anarchist theory:

Vol. 21, no. 2 includes:

-Javier Sethness's "Atmospheric Dialectics: A Critical Theory of Climate Change"

-Cindy Crabb's round-up of new books.

-All Power to the People: Energy Production and the Climate Crisis, by Lara Messersmith-Glavin

-Art by Justseeds.

-Movements for Climate Action: Toward Utopia or Apocalypse, by Brian Tokar

and much more!