Guerrilla Graywater Girls Guide to Water zine cover

Guerrilla Graywater Girls Guide to Water

by Various Author

Some brief history of rivers, dams, water power, water Infrastructure, good house/bad house, breaking the water cycle, cheap salvage water catchment, home water use and reuse, graywater, plumbing basics, wetlands for wastewater treatment, urban watershed restoration, water hyacinth fetish page, build your own petal powered washer. A DIY permaculture guide to "harvesting" rainwater, conserving water, and channeling waste water into more functional purposes than just sending it down the drain.

Lots of handy information and how-to guides, like how to turn an old bathtub into beautiful planter that also turns your laundry water into garden food, how to set up a composting toilet, how pipes work, how to catch rain water, and much much more. Good stuff here!

Comments & Reviews


"A fun handbook. Everyone can install greywater systems, legal or not.


When is the Greywater Guide going to be back in stock? Really looking forward to reading this!! Perhaps you could sell an electronic PDF version? Thanks!!


probably the only resource out there addressing home greywater systems for renters and city dwellers. I find myself constantly referring other people to this one.