a naked stick figure lying on a towel with his penis saying 'i'm the star'

Your Penis: Everything You Need to Know About Your Friend!

by Michel Lenois Author

An owner's manual for the penis, this guide can teach you everything you ever wanted to know about your genitals and more. With advice on how to treat it well and help it age gracefully, as well as the most frequently sought after advice (how to make it larger), and a treasure trove of information about penises in the animal world, author Michel Lenois has compiled all the information anyone could ever want about this sexual organ. Did you know that Rasputin's penis is preserved in formaldehyde at the Museum of Eroticism in St. Petersburg? Or that certain foreskins are used in the production of cosmetic creams? That some octopuses have detachable penises that can swim on their own? If you ever wanted to learn more about the phallus, Lenois can help you out. With cheeky mischief and clinical data alike, Your Penis is educational and entertaining.