a man in a suit carrying an umbrella walking up a red line on a stock chart into a storm of papers with a wind seemingly blowing hard against him

Can Global Capitalism Endure?

by William I. Robinson Author and Jason W. Moore Foreword

At a time when global capitalism is facing unprecedented crises and has seen numerous chinks in its armor exposed during the COVID pandemic, it becomes more tempting to ask the question: can global capitalism endure? Author William I. Robinson undertakes a compelling exploration of this question in this study, showing how capitalist elites have staked their hopes for the future on new technologies and an ever-expanding police state to contain mass rebellion and stave off economic turmoil. Robinson is clear that even as existence becomes increasingly difficult for the working class and the Global South - as compounding climate, economic, and political crises threaten the conditions necessary for human life - the elite will lead a comfortable existence. But at some point, capitalism's endless hunger for new raw material and labor will sew the seeds of its own demise. Robinson's prescription for our ailing society is ecosocialism, a way of organizing society that privileges social needs and sustainability. The question remains though, will we change course in time to stave off mass suffering on an almost unprecedented scale? A deeply compelling work of political and economic theory.