a large quartz crystal next to a circular piece of amethyst, and a variety of smaller orange and black crystals next to both, with a single stone bearing a star pattern amidst the smaller crystals

Crystal Magic for the Modern Witch

by Devin Hunter Author

With over 100 crystals described in this book, discover a multitude of ways to improve your magical skill and potential by harnessing the power of crystals. Each crystal featured in this book includes a full color photograph, a list of its properties, instructions for cleansing it, and the affiliations it holds to other crystals, plants, planets, tarot cards, and more. Author Devin Hunter sets out to offer modern magical practitioners a resource for enhancing their practice through the use of crystals, and so weaves magical techniques from a variety of disciplines into each entry. Discover spells for protection, well-being, magical success, psychic abilities, and more as you familiarize yourself with the wide world of crystallography and its myriad connections to the world of magic.