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Toxic Positivity: Keeping It Real in a World Obsessed with Being Happy

by Whitney Goodman Author

It seems as though everywhere we look these days there's something reminding us that we should be happy. Whether it's our friends' social media feeds, full of posed photos and smiling faces, or well-meaning but ultimately irritating people telling us to 'look on the bright side,' our culture has become obsessed with being happy all the time. Sadness, anger, grief, fear, anxiety: these are emotions to be banished or avoided at all costs, never felt in any serious way or actually reckoned with. In this book from author Whitney Goodman, we finally get some much-needed perspective on this veneer of happiness. Life is hard! There are a lot of challenges that come our way, and we can't get around them just by turning that frown upside down. Instead, Goodman offers us productive ways to confront these tough emotions and to work through them rather than avoid them. The result is an approach to our emotional well-being that encourages honesty, authenticity, connection, and growth. A vitally important read in our increasingly stressed-out world.