a silhouette of a woman wearing a crown and standing amidst flowers holds out her hand, seemingly levitating a circle with a star inside it, while a ghostly hand holds out a goblet across from her. a bird flies in the background, and a heart with thr

Tarot: Connect With Yourself, Develop Your Intuition, Live Mindfully

by Tina Gong Author

In this guide to using tarot in your everyday life, author Tina Gong offers you wisdom and knowledge about each card in a traditional tarot deck. From the Magician, who tells you to trust in your ability, to the Empress, who nurtures, to the Chariot, who fills you with confidence, you can learn to bring these traits with you as you move through the world. Make use of tarot readings to show you your path through the world, leading to tangible positive actions in everyday life.