a man with a beard wearing a pink dress, and five boys planting a tree, flying a plane, reading a book, playing the violin, and holding a protest sign with the earth on it respectively

How to Be a Real Man

by Scott Stuart Author

In this sweet and timely children's book, teach your toddler all about what it means to be 'a real man.' That is, to accept yourself for who you are, and to discard all the harmful and constraining notions of masculinity that too often shackle, constrain, and bully young boys into a harmful and toxic version of themselves. From the author of My Shadow Is Pink!, How To Be A Real Man teaches children of all genders and backgrounds that anyone can and should be strong, helping those around them whenever they can, fight, by standing up for what is right, and brave, expressing how they're actually feeling instead of suppressing their emotions. A beautifully written and illustrated book for every child to read.