an illustrated hand against a space backdrop grasping a tarot card

Twist Your Fate: Manifest Success with Astrology and Tarot

by Theresa Reed Author and Monte Farber Foreword

Astrology and tarot are both methods for divining the future, for understanding your place in the world and what that world has in store for you. When you combine these two divination approaches into one practice, you can attain insights that might not be available to practitioners of just one approach or the other. In Twist Your Fate, author Theresa Reed weaves these two ways of seeing the future together in order to help you gain a better hold on your financial situation and your career. By understanding what tarot and astrology are telling you about your aptitudes and weaknesses, you can "twist" your fate and use your knowledge to put yourself in a more advantageous position. A powerful resource for those looking for a leg up.