Skeuomorphic blue leather background, with a woodcut inspired border, the center around the title features a horsebacked knight holding a lance next to a dragon, along with motifs of libations

Drinking with Wizards, Warriors and Dragons: 85 unofficial drink recipes inspired by The Lord of the Rings, A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Stormlight Archive and other fantasy favorites

by Thea James Author and Pamela Wiznitzer Author

This book is a collaboration between Hugo Award-winning author Thea James and Mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer. Together they'll show you how to put a punny spin on your Paloma, providing drink recipes inspired by classic sci-fi and fantasy icons. These include variations on classic drinks inspired the works of N.K. Jemisen, Patrick Rothfus, Tamora Pierce, and many others. The book contains sufficient notes for even the beginner to get their drinks right down to a T. Along with these unique spins of classics, the book will explain the origins of the drinks and give a compelling look into the books that inspired these new variations.