an illustrated tree with the roots and branches intertwined with an ornate circle

The Book of Norse Magic: Charms, Incantations, and Spells Harnessing the Power of Runes, Ancient Gods and Goddesses, and More

by Cerridwen Greenleaf Author

In this book from prolific witchcraft and magic writer Cerridwen Greenleaf, discover the magic of ancient Norse culture, runes, gods, goddesses, and more. Learn divination practices that originate thousands of years in the past, as well as spells for protection, and rituals to imbue treasured objects with your own personal magic. The Book of Norse Magic explores all the varieties of magical expression that flow from Norse culture and mythology. From Ygdrassil, the world tree, to the great serpent that rings round the ocean, all of these ancient stories have knowledge and magic to offer contemporary practitioners of magic and witchcraft. Grab a copy today!