an illustration including flowers, birds, crystals, butterflies, planets, a model of an atom, a small box with a ribbon, and a piece of paper on fire

Dream On: A Kid's Guide to Interpreting Dreams

by Cerridwen Greenleaf Author and Khoa Le Illustrator

In this guide to dream interpretation written for middle grade readers, author Cerridwen Greenleaf offers kids a framework for thinking about what their dreams are trying to tell them. Focused primarily on friends, family, and school, Dream On takes a look at the areas of a child's life that tend to bear the most meaning. Greenleaf covers the tropes and symbols in dreams that tend to show up the most frequently, but frames them in a way accessible to younger readers. Dreams, whether they're about forgetting to turn in a homework assignment or getting lost in the woods, tend to have something to say to us. In this book, Greenleaf offers kids a way to speak the language of their subconscious and discover what their sleeping minds are telling them.