illustrations of various vegetables in different panels on the cover against an orange background

Heirloom Plants: A Complete Compendium of Heritage Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs & Flowers

by Thomas Etty Author and Lorraine Harrison Author

In this guide for gardeners, dig into the world of heirloom plants and vegetables. Compiled in this compendium are some of the world's most delicious vegetables and rarest varieties of flowers, herbs, and more. Not only are heirloom vegetables notoriously tasty, but heirloom plants of all varieties - edible or not—are increasingly scarce on a global scale. By tending to these plants in backyard plots, gardeners of all skill levels can do their part to help maintain the incredible biodiversity that these plants represent. With almost 500 different heirloom plants in this volume, you can pick and choose which ones sound most interesting to you and plan your garden around them, and do something good for the health and history of the planet's ecology while you're at it. A must read for those whose thumbs are already green, as well as for those who aspire to color their digits with a more verdant hue.