Women on Wheels: The Scandalous Untold History of Women in Bicycling

Women on Wheels: The Scandalous Untold History of Women in Bicycling

by April Streeter Author

A feminist bicycle history

A feminist history of bicycling for sport and adventure spans a century of women who changed the world from two wheels. This vivacious tale, peppered with fascinating details from primary sources, shows how women were sometimes the stars of bicycle races and exhibitions, and other times had to overcome sexism, exclusion, and economic inequalities in order to ride. From the almost burlesque show races and creative performances of the 19th century to the evolution of cycling as a modern sport and form of transportation, April Streeter brings her exuberant eye for character, fashion, and story to convey the evolving emotional resonance of bicycling for women and their communities. Interweaving pedal-powered history with profiles of bicyclists who made their mark, like Katharine Hepburn, Annie Londonderry, Kittie Knox, Dorothy Lawrence, Louise Armaindo, and more. 

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"Ever since bicycles were invented, women have been riding them, for sport, fun, entertainment, and revolution. April Streeter's careful research and spirited writing captures the wild, weird, wonderful, and serious story of bicycling through the perspective of these highly skilled riders whose stories have been all but lost to history—until now."