various dishes and ingredients photographed and arranged around the outside of the cover

Tasting History: Explore the Past Through 4,000 Years of Recipes

by Max Miller Author with Ann Volkwein

When author Max Miller was furloughed from his day job at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he suddenly found himself with a lot of time on his hands. But soon, Miller would become a viral sensation on YouTube for his cooking videos exploring recipes throughout the ages. Using recipes sourced from sometimes incredibly old texts, Miller learned to recreate dishes from ancient Rome, Ming China, medieval Europe, and beyond.  This book is the product of Miller's research and efforts, and includes over sixty recipes from historical sources, updated and revamped for modern kitchens and home cooks. With color photography, the original recipe, and Miller's recreation on each page, Tasting History is part history book, part cookbook. Foodies will delight in the far-flung flavors gathered into this one volume.