How to Move by Bike by Steph Routh

How to Move by Bike: Tales and Tips to Inspire

by Steph Routh Author

Now promoted by a (kind of funny) sketch on Portlandia, moving by bike has long been a powerful and innovative community-building exercise by the grass roots, xerocracy-powered, volunteer "organization" SHIFT. Like an Amish barn raising meets a drunken party, dozens of or more people show up, rain or shine, and load your earthly possessions onto cargo bikes and trailers, deliver them to your new home, smile, and hang out eating pizza and drinking more beer and coffee until the sun sets, when they presumably go off to do other bike-y things. 


This book profiles many Shifties and hilarious bike move moments of yore, including moving a 680 pound girder, a bathtub museum, or an aquarium! Are cyclists noted eccentrics, just trying to have the most fun, or trying to be slyly made fun of by the BikeSnobNYC? Anyway you slice it, this book is full of tons of great memories, inspirational moments, and laugh out loud wackiness. 



Anavlog: Hunter-Gatherers Never Looked This Good from Microcosm Publishing on Vimeo.