How To Be Interesting by Jessica Hagy

How to Be Interesting: (In 10 Simple Steps)

by Jessica Hagy Author

You want to leave a mark, not a blemish. Be a hero, not a spectator. You want to be interesting (who doesn’t?) but sometimes it takes a nudge, a wake-up call, an intervention! — and a little help.

This is where Jessica Hagy comes in. A writer and illustrator of great economy, charm, and insight, Hagy has created here a uniquely inspirational how-to that combines fresh and pithy lessons with deceptively simple diagrams and charts.

When Hagy created a “How to Be Interesting” post online, it went viral, attracting 1.4 million viewers so far, with tens of thousands of likes, links, and tweets. Now she has deeply explored the ideas that resonated with so many readers to create this small and quirky book with a large and universal message.

It’s a book about exploring: Talk to strangers;  and taking chances: Expose yourself to ridicule, to risk, to wild ideas. About being childlike, not childish: Remember how amazing the world was before you learned to be cynical; and being open: Never take in the welcome mat. About breaking routine: Take daily vacations . . . if only for a few minutes; and taking ownership: Whatever you’re doing, enjoy it, embrace it, master it as well as you can. And, of course, about being brave: If you’re not courageous, you’re going to be hanging around the water cooler, talking about the guy that actually is.