Cook Your Own Fucking Life: Vegan Comfort Food Recipes

by Ashley Rowe Palafox Author

Meatless, anti-capitalist & punk AF

This scrappy, can-do vegan cookbook eschews fancy ingredients and goes back to basics. It's packed with attitude and recipes anyone can cook and eat, including comfort food, smoothies, holiday staples to feed your family, and dirty rice to feed the touring band sleeping on your floor.

More than just a collection of recipes, this is a DIY cultural artifact that compiles all four volumes of the original Barefoot and in the Kitchen zine and puts them in context with a new introduction—right in time for the zine's 20th anniversary. The book makes this long-out-of-print zine accessible again, so you can find your favorite issue without needing to hunt through your co-op's crusty cookbook collection.

With an emphasis on accessibility and enough charm to engage anyone who's curious about plant-based eating, Cook Your Own Fuckin' Life presents more than 55 approachable recipes with inexpensive, easy-to-find ingredients. It's also packed with cute comics and illustrations and full of "ridiculously useful tips" to ensure your trek through the world of vegan cooking is as entertaining as it is delicious. The perfect gift for your slightly off-kilter friend or family member, whether they're an old punk or a veg-curious teen looking to strike out on their own in the kitchen.