The FBI War on Tupac Shakur

The FBI War on Tupac Shakur: The State Repression of Black Leaders from the Civil Rights Era to the 1990s

by John Potash Author

An exploration of the controversial death of Tupac Shakur

Since the first day after the tragedy was announced, controversy has surrounded the death of rap and cultural icon Tupac Shakur. In this work, preeminent researcher on the topic, John Potash, puts forward his own theories of the events leading up to and following the murder in this meticulously researched and exhaustive account of the story. Never before has there been such a detailed and shocking analysis of the untimely death of one of the greatest musicians of the modern era. The FBI War on Tupac Shakur contains a wealth of names, dates, and events detailing the use of unscrupulous tactics by the Federal Bureau of Investigation against a generation of leftist political leaders and musicians. Based on twelve years of research and including extensive footnotes, sources include over 100 interviews, FOIA-released CIA and FBI documents, court transcripts, and mainstream media outlets. 

Beginning with the birth of the Civil Rights Movement in America, Potash illustrates the ways in which the FBI and the United States government conspired to take down and dismantle the various burgeoning activist and revolutionary groups forming at the time. From Martin Luther King Jr. to Malcolm X to Fred Hampton, the methods used to thwart their progress can be seen repeated again and again in the 80s and 90s against later revolutionary groups, musicians, and, most notably, Tupac Shakur. Buckle up for this winding, shocking, and unbelievable tale as John Potash reveals the dark underbelly of our government and their treatment of some of our most beloved Black icons.


Comments & Reviews

tue 1/18 11:02am

The FBI War on Tupac Shakur... presents evidence, information and documentation which provides conclusive proof of the FBI's involvement... For the American historian, the account of the Civil Rights movement, The Black Panther Party and the revolution and liberation of a people held in suppression is presented clearly, concisely, and poignantly.


"The book makes a well-sourced and clear-eyed argument that Tupac Shakur was murdered by the police, FBI, and US intelligence, that they have a pattern of doing this at least as far back as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, and that they have also been taking pains to cover up these murders and censor those who try to expose them. This book would fit well on any music shelf that carries "LAbyrinth" by Randall Sullivan."


"Every time I re-read [The FBI War on Tupac Shakur...] I find something new. John Potash has researched extensively on the acts of political state repression on culture. This book must be read by everyone into Hip Hop culture, but especially by people who are serious about creating a new and better world."


"It's been my experience with people young and old that when they pick any page of this book to read, they can't put it down. This is a book that everyone must read."


"This book is WOW!"


"My friends and I from the U.S. intelligence community all read this book and picked it apart to try and find errors in it, but none of us could find any."


"John Potash is arguably the definitive voice on Tupac Shakur's death."


"Enlightening, stimulating, incredibly detailed and painstakingly researched... a masterly presentation."


"Incredible! Wow. [The FBI War on Tupac...] really raised the bar on revolutionary investigative journalism. It's what the Movements have been needing to raise consciousness regarding various operations by the reactionaries and their agents."


"It's truly remarkable work!"