Totes Ridictionary

Totes Ridictionary

by Balthazar Cohen Author

Whether ‘words’ like cray-cray, natch, obvs, and vacay make you roll your eyes in annoyed recognition or wonder what the hell everyone is talking about (or both), The Totes Ridictionary will help you survive life in a world where text-message abbreviations and Twitter slang are dancing on the unfortunate grave of the Oxford New English Dictionary.

Everywhere you look – in emails, tweets, Facebook posts, text messages, blogs and even real-life conversations – Totes Ridicheads are turning words into ‘abbrevs’, communicating in internet acronyms and embracing hashtags as a way of life and language. And, like it or not, sooner or later you’ll need to become fluent in the totes ridicularity of our times.

So check out these legit 111 pages of legit definitions, perf illustrations of #hashtagging pets and cray-cray movie stills -- and more -- plus abso adorbs fictional twitter convos from famous couples.

Didn't understand that? Well, that's why you totes need this book. Resistance is futile frealz: yolo!