moon phases with an herb growing through one

Moon Gardening: Planting your biodynamic garden by the phases of the moon

by Matt Jackson Author

Go beyond organic gardening to take a holistic approach, planting and tending your garden based on your growing awareness of the interrelatedness of all things. That includes soil, seeds, plants—and astral bodies. Just like the moon affects the ocean's tides, it affects the water in your soil, and you can time your activities to coincide with favorable lunar phases. Sow non-root plants during a waxing moon, when the Earth is exhaling; water and fertilize during the inhalation of the waning moon. The twenty-five garden projects in this book contain step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and color photo of use to flower or vegetable gardeners, those who grow in pots and containers, and anyone who's focused on composting and improving their soil.