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Adult Survivors of Toxic Family Members: Tools to Maintain Boundaries, Deal with Criticism, and Heal from Shame After Ties Have Been Cut

by Sherrie Campbell Author and Wendy T. Behary Foreword

It can be hard to know when to cut ties with a toxic or abusive family member, but it can also be a crucial step towards healing and beginning to recover from the hurt they've caused. In this book, author and psychologist Sherrie Campbell offers readers strategies for setting hard boundaries and removing negative forces from your life, even when those forces are your family members. Campbell has personal experience in this arena, as well as professional expertise on ways to heal from the stigma, shame, and pain that can come from making the difficult decision to cut off a member of your family. Discover healthy ways of moving forward and communicating with toxic relatives, even as you set yourself up for better self-care, self-love, and self-reliance.