Book cover depicting four men building some kind of structure with TinkerToys

Structuralism and Poststructuralism for Beginners

by For Beginners Author and Donald D. Palmer Author

“What is Structuralism? How is it possible? And once the structures of Structuralism have been discovered, how is Poststructuralism possible?” These (sometimes seemingly intentionally) complicated ideas are translated here into language and images that non-specialists can understand. “In its less dramatic versions,” writes the author, “structuralism is just a method of studying language, society, and the works of artists and novelists. But in its most exuberant form, it is a philosophy, an overall worldview that provides an account of reality and knowledge.” Poststructuralism is a loosely knit intellectual movement, comprised mainly of ex-structuralists, who either became dissatisfied with the theory or felt they could improve it.