Guide to Getting It On

Guide to Getting It On

by Various Author

Witty, irreverent, yet completely straightforward, intelligent, nonjudgmental, and downright practical and USEFUL. These are just a few adjectives for one of the most popular progressive guides about sex and all of its related realms! From 'What's Inside A Girl' to 'The Zen Of Finger Fucking', 'Basic Brain Weirdness' and the underwear. Then of course there's pregnancy, what to do when the penis crashes, long-term relationships, and goofy and gay. Honestly, if you only pick one book on sex in all its wonderful practicalities, this should be it. And buy one for your mother, little brother, sister, and jaded aunt. And best friend, favorite partner, and 'wish they were my favorite partner.' Now in a new, even more comprehensive edition, with nine new chapters on such topics as sex during pregnancy, sex laws, and a chapter just for physicians. Now in it's 5th edition with even more more more!

Comments & Reviews


So are you saying you didn't like the chapter "Balls Balls Balls"? Just kidding, Emily! I have to agree. Although this book is EXCELLENT ( I bought it about a year back and I LOVE it ) it is light on "queer issues". Other than this ( I realize that's a biggie ) the book is REALLY informative and really fun to read. I particularly enjoy the quotes on peoples perspectives peppered throughout each chapter. Although not a lesbian myself, I hope future issues of the book will be a bit more accomodating to the homosexual crowd. PEACE!!


While overall this book is pretty neat, I think it's important to emphasize the heteronormativity that is quite pervasive within the pages. yes, there is one chapter regarding queer issues, but most of the book is written from the perspective assuming you are learning about the opposite sex.