Redefining our Relationships by Wendy-O-Matic

Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships

by Wendy O-Matic Author

Our poly friends pretty much all say that Redefining Our Relationships is THE book, whether you're opening up your existing relationship, embarking on open romantic adventures, or just want to be a better communicator and better partner no matter who you're with. But more than that, this book is a witty, provocative, damn-fine read, with as much to offer to the faithfully monogamous as to those looking for something different out of life, love, and relationships. 

"Wendy-O tackles a touchy subject with clarity and creativity. She is wise beyond her years. This guide teaches you how you can have it all. I gave the jealousy tips to my lover immediately." —Annie Sprinkle



    This book has helped me restructure all of the relationships in my life. I have passed it along and along and along and along and everyone is thrilled..