Pin #006: Shut Down the School of the Americas

Pin #006Shut Down the School of the Americas

by Joe Biel Author

The School of the Americas is a U.S. training facility where militant groups are trained by the US military to topple democratic governments, torture people who resist, indiscriminately kill, and use guerilla fighting tactics. Repeatedly, the U.S. has later ended up on unfriendly terms with these new dictatorships and ended up fighting against the same forces that they've trained. After much bad press, the School, located in Fort Benning, GA, is now called "The Defense Institute for Hemispheric Security Cooperation;" how obscuring. It is located in Fort Benning, GA. Spread the word with this 1" round pinback button handmade in the USA.

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you're right, bohoshiva. i've also been to these protests and they were peaceful. i think it must have been a typo, so i changed "killed" to "imprisoned," which is accurate, but must be noted that the only folks I know of that were imprisoned are those that chose to go onto the base in protest.


people in opposition at the protest being killed?
i've been to the protest five times and it's quite peaceful...