sticker 077 think freedom sucks hate the poor Vote Republican

Sticker #077Think Freedom Sucks? Hate the Poor? Vote Republican

by Joe Biel Author

Sometimes stereotypes are true... and this one, although a bit snarky, is definitely one of the true ones. Why is it that republicans are always talking about freedom, but always seem to be the ones putting our freedom at risk?

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black print on a white background. Reads: "Think freedom sucks? Hate the poor? Vote republican.")

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Josh- I hate to agree with you, so I will only very tentatively. The problem with your synopsis is that the facts say that republicans like to support those who have wealth. They do. the democrats generally try to stop corporate handouts and aristocratic-style behavior towards the rich.


To play "devil's advocate" here, I'd like to just point out that, in fact, most conservatives (as well as most liberals) don't "hate" the poor, or try to squash freedom. Yes, there are some conservatives (and some liberals as well) who do hate the poor and want to remove freedom from the people (socializing various things, for example...). The big difference between conservatives and liberals isn't that 1 group hates freedom/the poor, and the other loves them. It's just that they don't necessarily agree on which policies/systems/etc are the best way to increase freedom and help the poor.


There is a really funny shirt that Alternative Tentacles makes that's just a big red shirt with a swatztika in the center, and around it in big white letters it reads "Vote Republican". Check it out sometime.