Sticker #050: Standardized Healthcare

Sticker #050Standardized Healthcare

by Joe Biel Author

Republicans will be quick to tell you that the national debt is a result of welfare mothers leeching off of the system. Unfortunately, the real problem is Corporate Welfare. The national debt is equivalent to the amount of money that we've spent on nuclear arms. And still most of us can't afford life-saving medical treatment, even if we are paying out the ass for health insurance. Make your economic point with this sturdy vinyl sticker.

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Many seem to be extremely misinformed. Take a trip to Canada, England, France and many other countries and talk to not only their naturally born residents but also the many Americans that are now living in those countries because the quality of healthcare is so incredible, at absolutely no cost to them for medical, dental AND vision. They are less obese, have less heart disease and less cancer, to name a few. They wait no longer to see a doctor or get in the ER than we do here in America. Here in America, whenever your HMO or PPO switches networks and you have to get a different doctor it takes about 6 weeks to 3 months to get in. Sometimes when you are really sick and need to get into your doctor that you have been going to for years they say they are not in, or too busy or whatever and tell you to go to urgent care or the ER. The costs of health insurance to individuals and families, plus the co-pays and deductibles, not to mention the fact that the prescriptions we pay for are being charged at about 5 to 10 times what other countries pay for the SAME medications has kept the citizens of this country in debt or in bankruptcy or in fear of going to get help because they may be denied by the health insurance company and lose everything in the process just to receive the treatment required to become healthy again. The propaganda heard in this country about the wait or not having a choice or having poorer service in the hospital or by doctors is absolute crap. Americans have just bought it hook, line and sinker and that is one reason why the rich seem to be getting richer and the poor poorer. Wake up and smell the coffee. Go to these countries and ask the people themselves what they think, don't just take someone's word for it, that's how this kind of crap starts in the first place, blindly following someone just because they said it and seem to know what they are talking about when usually it is propoganda with intent for a reason most people will never really know about. Use the intelligence God gave you and do the research. Talk about a stimulus package.....Saving an average of $400 to $800 a MONTH for individuals and families and no longer having any medical debt or prescription costs. Being able to use this money to save or have a nicer home or provide more for your family..... Oh. By the way, for any of you who think that I'm just another Democrat or liberal, think again. I am a member of the Republican Party.


Look, our healthcare system is FAR from perfect and it's definitely in need of reform. This topic can be argued till everyone's blue in the face, but the reailty is a socialized healthcare system doesn't work. What you may not realize is nobody in this county is DENIED healthcare. If you need emergency care, you're going to get it, insured or not (trust me, I'm a healthcare provider). If you can't afford to pay your bill, work out a payment plan. Either way, bankruptcy is better than dying. Liberals feel healthcare is an entitlement. It should be yours, simply because you're an American. Do you feel everyone is entitled to a good house and adequate food supply as well? Someday you're going to have to realize that life is challenging, and that nothing is due to you just because you want it. Remember, just about everyone has the same choice when they trun 18 ... if you want "no (financial) cost" healthcare, join the military.


Where does this 4 out of 5 statistic come from? Canadians that I have read about think the American system is terrible. The US spends the most on health care per capita, but it's largely due to the massive amount of administrative costs of bureaucracy. We spend the most and yet we are #26 in worldwide infant mortality. Canada is in the top 10. You don't actually spend 3 days waiting in an ER, but even if you did, there is more security in knowing you will get to be seen at no cost, rather than going in and STILL having to wait and ALSO knowing you have no way of paying for the resulting bill. Medical bills are the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy.


I have never in my life had health insurance because I was raised by people without conventional jobs and health insurance is just too damn expensive. Thank god my siblings and I are healthy people and were healthy kids because it would have been really expensive if we got sick. It seems to me that you can judge a society by how it really cares for it's people and that this is pretty much the pinnacle. The ultimate goal for any government should be to create a viable situation where nobody is hungry, cold, or sick. A place where we could all be ok. Too bad the government doesn't really care about anybody.


It's about time for the higher incomes to start footing the bill! They get enough off in "death taxes" and corporate welfare than it would cost to run a no-cost healthcare. Who needs it? The people who are dying or incur debt they can NEVER repay because of the way this shitty for-profit healthcare system is run. Healthcare should not be an industry, it should be a social service.


I still haven't gotten my medicaid approved, and when I do, I won't qualify for dental, even though my teeth are so jacked up it's too painful to eat sometimes. My friends have their teeth rotting out and can do nothing but wait for the decay to stop when there's nothing left to chew with. I'm on a waiting list just to be seen by a dentist, but when I do, I'm pretty sure I won't get free braces, which is what I need to correct my problems, which get worse by the month.
I'd gladly stand in line three days to be seen by a healthcare professional. I'm sick of using tea and tylenol, I want someone to give me a pap smear and tell me how i'm doing in there. Especially since I'm 7 months pregnant. Right now I pay for my checkups at my birthing center in cash, and if I couldn't get that together, I would be shit out of luck, having a home birth in missouri with no midwife, because midwives here are illegal and they're too afraid to come to your birth, as they might well lose their license.


Prove it. Canada has socalized medicine ... and 4 out of 5 Canadaians are unhappy with their healthcare system. Yeah, no-cost healthcare for all sounds good, until you're the one waiting for 3 days to get seen in the ER. Besides, socalized healthcare is like a flat tax rate ... those with higher incomes are really the ones footing the bill.