Sticker #029: Keep Corporations Out Of Politics

Sticker #029Keep Corporations Out Of Politics

by Alex Keiper Author

It's easy to forget the inequalities brought on by the influence of corporations in politics. Do you realize that your tax dollars are paying for McDonald's to advertise oversees? Why doesn't this upset us enough to the point that it is changed?

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black print on a white background. Reads: "keep corporations out of politics" in bold letters)

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Paul you're actually describing a corporate fascism, darling. Go read a dictionary. It might help you with life.


Yeah keep them out of politics damnnit.


The definition of a government is a system or policy by which a political unit is governed. The government's job is not to make money for the corporations. The corporations being allowed to get into politics causes numerous problems, one of the more obvious would be that they would influence the government to do things that benefit the corporations whether or not it is in the best interest of the people of the world or the nation. If we had representatives from mcdonalds in congress how would you feel?


haha, funny paul. you're an idiot. get big business out of politics.


This is contradictory to both politics and corporations because the position of the government is to act as an individual which joins corporations and the population and makes the whole system run smoothly... corporations and politics are eternally intermingled and theres nothing anyone can do about it, because it's the very definition of a government. This sticker is stupid