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Pin #008Live Simply so Others May Simply Live

Americans are often brought up in the environment of living in excess. We need lots of everything and it better be high quality (and thus expensive). As a result of this greed, other people are not able to fulfill their basic needs, let alone a fair piece of the pie. There is plenty of food and wealth to support everyone. If we did not throw away so much food or support exploitative entities then we could support the world's population better as a whole. I believe there is enough to go around. We just need to distribute things properly. Show your support for equity with this 1" round pinback button handmade in the USA.

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Ghandi wrote this statement.


I said it once. I don't think any one was really listening though.


Henry David Thoreau said this...


I believe it was Gandhi,yeah.


from what i've heard it was Elizabeth Seaton who said this.


Where did this quote come from? Mahatma Gandhi?