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When the super-ordinant or dominant group in a society establishes means within public doctrinal systems and institutions of maintaining and enhancing their wealth, vis a vis power, it is called hegemony. In the United States, the power and influence of the extremely wealthy is unassailible and has completely infiltrated the public mind through all strata by domination of media and educational systems which serve to misinform and stupefy the public and remove them from the democratic process. This hegemony of the bourgeoisie in the United States has existed for many generations, and shall likely continue into the foreseeable future.
Mind you, a rich person is just a person with a lot of stuff and money they can push people around with. Burn their stuff, take their wealth, and what you have is just another person. Cured, as it were, of their material-dominated life.


this is ridiculous. i come from a very wealthy family. none of them have ever "oppressed" anyone as far as i can tell, at least not on any more of a scale than any of us oppress each other. everyone made their money by working hard to accomplish the goals it they set in life. yet none of them live in excessively large houses for their needs or drive excissively fancy cars or consume much of anything in excess. money didnt keep me from going to prison. yes can you believe that, a white male from a wealthy family went to prison? it has nothing to do with how much money you have in the bank, it has to do with the kind of person you choose to be.


It's not about good or bad people, but about bad classes and good classes. The rich are exploiters of the less fortunate; that simple. No one, no matter what the privilege of their birth, has the right to exploit their fellow human. With that said, the rich are an aristocratic group who have no right to the privilege they have attained through the hard work of their prior generations. They are an unredeemable group who have never known the plight of real people.


Jeremy, I find it quite "rich" that you would like me to understand the complexity of the problem, when according to you it's simply that the rich are evil. By implication, I guess that means that you are good?
I don't like living in a world run by rich people either. But I have a feeling that a world run by YOU would be far, far worse.


"The evil that men do lives on and on." We all know that quote from the Iron Maiden song, but you should think about it and apply it to the rich classists. They are evil doers, and there is plenty we can do to stop them. The term "rich" is a German word that means ruling class, and we all know that we can't stand the ruling class in this world. They make their money off the backs of the poor, and they are deserving of a life in Hell. I hate the classist elitists to the point that I would rather spit in their faces than take one penny of their blood money! We all should learn what to do if approached by a billionare! Firt of all spit in their face, and then laugh if they tell you that they will change who you are! They think they are so propper and great, but they don't realize that they are nothing but a bunch of fools if they think we will put up with their reasoning. I say burn them at the stake! Then we can redistribute their wealth to the needy. You might ask, isn't that evil to burn them alive? Nothing could be farther from the truth, as these people have been leeching off of the poor and disanfranchised as if they have the right to treat us all like slaves! Burn them, and be done with it. There is nothing better then when a rich monster dies, unless another monster inherits the money and raises it's evil head. They live in their lives of oppulency, and spend time with other rich monsters. We should never feel sorry for them or ever show an ounce of remorse for them. They are human, and deserve what the people in the middle clas deserve and no better. In fact, because of their classist ways, they deserve much worse. I hope you all understand the complexity of the problem, and how simple it would be to topple them to the ground.


Well, the rich would be better if they didn't continue to oppress the poor by just concentrating on how they can get EVEN RICHER. By continuing to get richer and richer without actually redistributing wealth, they promote the class system that is so oppressive today. So they're not actually helping much, because they still want to stay rich and will make sure they have enough to keep up their outrageous ways of life.


I think the point is that we need to stop people from oppressing the poor, taking away land, destroying ecosystems etc. The poor don't do any of this not because they're good or bad but because they are not capable..


Isn't classifing the rich as evil beings classist within itself?
There are bad poor people and there are good poor folks too.
Same goes with the rich.