big patch #041: My Bike Takes Me Places That School Never Could

big patch #041My Bike Takes Me Places That School Never Could


diana ray 12/26/2008

it's a small sign that says "go!"
my friend rama drew this when we were in high school. i had the first one on my backpack! now she's an organic farmer in wisconsin.

Larra 9/8/2006

It's a popsicle..basically.

anonymous 7/7/2005

it looks kinda like money

Shondra 6/16/2005

what does it matter what's in her hand? it's the thought that counts. am i right?

anonymous 5/2/2005

i am this patch incarnate

giggles 3/22/2005

i thought she broke her finger and it was a cast on it and she was showing her teacher!

andy 3/22/2005

i think she was fliping a teacher off and saying bikes are better!!! 3/2/2005

Not all kids have the same looking hands! Some dont have any at all.

pirate 2/25/2005

I think she's holding a fist

smelley 1/28/2005

It's a sign that says "GO"

Treksta 1/23/2005

Bikes are freedom from controlling state run schools.

anonymous 1/11/2005

She's doing a one handed track stand. (duh)

anonymous 1/7/2005

I thought she was just pointing to her brain...

sasquatch 12/21/2004

I'm thinkin it might be a flower :)

anonymous 10/16/2004

what's in her hand? (we think it's an ice cream cone - joe)