You Can't Trust the Government

Sticker #041You Can't Trust the Government

by Joe Biel Author

 Just ask any Native American. 

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11/4/2008 yourself a favor and deflate your head, ans don't use a specious argument to try and make a point. It's not flattering.


Seth, get over yourself. Regardless, there WERE indigenous peoples here for thousands of years before you Europeans came. Why do I get the feeling you are a libertarian? Do yourself a favor and read 'Red Earth, White Lies' by Vine Deloria.


I assume this refers to American Indians. A "Native American" is anyone born in America. I am a "Native American", and so are most of you. All our peoples came here from somewhere else, including American Indians, who may not even have been the first people to arrive in the Americas, based on recent scientific evidence.

As far as not trusting the government goes, however, I'll go along with that.


That one stings! In a good way, however.


for real.