Sticker #089: Wanted: Christopher Columbus

Sticker #089Wanted: Christopher Columbus

by Joe Biel Author

Grand theft. Genocide. Racism. Rape. Torture. Destruction of an entire culture. We can't believe the US government has celebrated Christopher Columbus for this long. He was truly one of the worst people we've ever heard of.

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black print on a white background. Reads: “Wanted: Christopher Columbus. Grand theft – Genocide – Racism – Rape – Torture – Destruction of an entire culture!” and depicts a drawing of Christopher Columbus.)

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Yo my mama is a bitch and is always be telling me about this muthafucka Christopher Columbitch. This muthafucka always be talking shit about them indian sluts. I wish some motherfucka just went up to him and domed him with a gat. fuck yall and that bitch.


Christopher Columbus did nothing more than ruin people's life. He was not a good smart explorer...he wasnt even looking for america, he was looking for an entirely different place when he found it. And all he did was torture the native americans to the point where they had to take their own lives so that they could stop the suffering. People even killed their own children so that they wouldnt have to go through any torture. It was THEIR land and THEY found it...the only reason he was credited for it was because he wrote it down...but their is proof that the native americans were there before him


c.c. was a confused man who came upon an already inhabited america! You cannot be a hero if you find something and start ruining it if it was someone else's


Columbus is a wicked man who is glorified for his evil ways. I see no inaccuracy about that poster. In fact I want it.


He was more of a savage than any of our people.
He had his land and we had ours.
Columbus should have left us alone. He brought more bad than good. Those damn Wasichu who glorify his works are insane. Columbus is no hero. I want to reply to AREESHA
That idiot should know chocolate and tomatoes were grown by Aztecas before the damn Wasichu came


christopher columbus was just a great explorer trying to find new land an luckly he did


From the primary source:

"We shall take you and your wives, and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can, and we protest that the deaths and losses which shall accrue from this are your fault ." - Christopher Columbus

"But in truth, should I meet with gold or spices in great quantity, I shall remain till I collect as much as possible, and for this purpose I am proceeding solely in quest of them." Christopher Columbus

These people are very unskilled in arms... with 50 men they could all be subjected and made to do all that one wished." Christopher Columbus


c.c. is a piece of shit!He raped women and girls for no reason.All who believe c.c. is great yall are wrong!Areesha think if c.c. raped you.You wouldn't be so happy anymore.
C.C. you are a fuking bitch.I think your a piece of shit!


history is history...instead of hate those who have been long dead, learn from the mistakes. for example in 1938 1938-Nazi Germany makes it a law that ALL JEWS have to register every piece of property they own into a massive database. IT worked. The Gestapo knew exactly who to raid by the value of their art and jewelry. We know the rest of the story, a minor event called the Holocaust!
In the same time period, the Russian Communist Govt under Stalin starved millions of farmers in the most fertile part of the country because the law stated that ALL the grain they grew belonged to the govt! They were not even allowed to eat what they grew!
Fast forward to now...the USDA wants to make a law that all those who own even one farm animal will be under more surveillance than illegals, drug dealers or sex offenders. ...called NAIS (national animal identification system) It will require all those who own even one chicken, or other livestock animal, to register their premises, microchip and file birth, death and movement reports so the govt know where those animals are at any moment. The silly reasons given for this program range from bird flu, mad cow, bioterrorist attack or any number of "you need our help" garbage but the real reason is to benefit multi billion dollar corporate agriculture so they can improve their marketability while sticking it to the small producer or pet pot belly pig owner. But NAIS tracibility ends at the moment the animal goes to slaughter. So you can argue whether Columbus was good or bad, but that is past. Be aware of how those who run the show want to exploit you today!!!!! see for more info


I have been reading alot about Columbus lately for a school assignment and before i knew all the bad things about him i thought he did discover the world but know i know the truth that he forced the natives to find him gold were there wasnt any and when they came back with none they would kill him! thats horrible...i do think some of the discoveries he made were good but for the most part he was a horrible person and i dont think he should be honored at all! i mean we celebrate two holidays one in january for Martin Luther King Jr. for trying to free the slaves and a couple months later we honor Columbus and he made natives his slaves and i think thats just wrong!!


Turtle island WAS my home before this white prick "found" a land and peoples who weren't lost to begin with.


To the ones who say Columbus trashers are reading 'US hating propaganda', and we should go to the source...I say I need not go further than right here. My people are the source and I need no more. Columbus killed millions of Arawaks during his first stop to Turtle Island in Hiati. If you don't agree, check out your history, he was governor for two years when the Arawak population of over a million was decimated to nearly nothing. He was a rapist and a murderer. If you say I would not be here today if it were not for him, I say my soul will always be and has always been on this land. If you say there were many killers why focus on Columbus, I say he was one of the worst and this Nation has a day to celebrate him to honor him as a celebrate genocide. It is like celebrating Hitler in a land full of Jewish people. We are still here, as we always will be and we know the truth, regradless of the Euro-centric myths and stereo-types that have been cast out upon the American media and written in the history books. To the one who says we wouldn't have chocolates and other things without him, I say your foods are poison. Stay away from the poison that popular society eats, it's full of chemicals, sugars and proccesed foods that dull your senses....I guess that's why there are so many ignorant postings on this board. To all those who say, focus on the bad people today...not those of the past. Where do you think the people of today have there belief system rooted in? It is racist stero-typical myths filled with goals of greed and power to which you can owe this countries support system. From the beggining this countries ideals have been built upon murder and genocide, the only way to step past these myths is to inform yourself of the true history. Only by stepping past the myths this country is built upon will we ever change the present. Every person who calls themselves a citizen of the U.S., owes themselves this...inform yourselves and don't be so quick to celebrate a pig as the creator of your nation. The ones that go against your teachers, Bravo! It's very dissapointing when we realize we are more educated than our teachers...where do they find these people. Take a Native studies course in college, you'll be more informed.


"i think this picture is one way of crab mentality,someone might have doing this for his own desire.Maybe this person, who created the picture, wanted to gain popularity.I'll ask the creator of this cartoon,is that you're way of giving respect to the founder of you're home?"


Scietist have found real evidence that columbus killed natives. that little back stabber.


yeah i mean come on guys we might have never gotten here on america if it wasn't for him, think right now hundreds of years later, america would still be inhabitated by natives, we would have never found this place, never ever, if it hadnt been for christopher columbus.


to the anonymous poster who asked..

it is. the sticker text is almost directly lifted from a poster that has been sold and produced on the taos pueblo (i feel funny calling continously inhabited native land the "rez"). ironically, the last part of the poster text, which reads "steal this poster - youve alreasy stolen everything else!" was omitted.

as of a few weeks ago, the image of columbus was an exact match for the poster on the pueblo, except that the poster showed an arrow going into columbus's head. the first time i wrote a comment about this, instead of posting it, joe and i got into a dialogue, and he changed to columbus graphic to the one you see now.

issues of ownership around these subjects are complicated, but i think that anyone who is curious has the right to know more about where this image came from.


for those interested in original writings please visit:


You all have your own opioins, but it is true that Native americans were here before Columbus. Yes he did rape and kill many women in the tribes when he arrived here. Other europeans, and others, started coming after the discovery of this unknown land. Columbus was the one to come upon this land and inform others about hoping for a new civilization. To get there they needed to destroy the ones who have claimed their territory. Columbus wasn't the only one who destroyed many of these tribes there was many other people in the mix, people don't seem to see that they want to put the blaim on one person. Would about custer? Did you guys forget what he did to our glorous chief Red cloud, Big foot, and Black kettle? See columbus is not one to blaim for all the torture that has happen to our ppl.theremany horrible men down the line that did just as bad or worst as him. He found this land that was already occupied by our ppl, and yes he did bring torture to my ancestors, but there was also many other people that later traveled to this land and destroyed many, many tribes. They promised us foods, leather, and blankets; that were basically filled with smallpox later killing many tribes. We weren't pple of war we did battle though with other tribes, but it wasn't massive slaughters like what the white man put on our people later on. After the arrival of other europeans and other, they brought christanity later forcing us to cut off our hair, which was sacered to us, and forcing us to believe that what we knew of our own religion was bad and that it wasn't the right way. My great grand-parents went through this. They told me the stories of what would happen if you spoke your tongue and didn't believe in their catholic believes. They wanted you to be assamed for being native american, cause the nun and priest made us believe that they were dirty savage, and squaws. Some of you people only know the top of the cake, or what your teachers have told you. You don't know what there still doing to this day. I'm still being discriminated because of my race, and perist telling me I don't know gods way. F*ck them, I'm athiest which is frowned upon by my family, who are devoted native's to the culture's. What happen in the past is something we can't fix but make better for the future. Before you try to argue a point know what really happen to us later on and how his " discovery" became a elimination to over 300 tribes. I do hate him for what he has done to the people of that area, but you can't piont the finger all at one person there was many other white settlers who put us through the same pain and turmoil. So when your sitting around the table eating thankgiving dinner, think about what really happen. All they did was poreturkey grease on the heads of our elders and childern. To this day bush is still breaking many treaty's to the people, you have to think about the modern day terriost as well who is putting our pple on welfare more and more every day because we basically have no jobs on the rez, except for the f*cking casinos, who screw you over every chance they get. Basically it is his fault for falling upon this land he called the "New World" and informing many other settlers to come and slowly destroy the land more and more everday. To this day the land is getting torn apart, and whose to blaim? Ourselves! We all do our own parts in destroying this earth slowly. And on one note: don't call us indians it's insulting, we're native americans. We're not from india. It's in the past but what happen then isn't going to fix what he brought apon our ppl what done is done.


I do not think that Christopher Columbus did anything wrong according to the laws of the 15th century. He did what he thought was best and just think about might not be here if he hadn't have found this land. So don't sit here and cuss and junk about him because you are not nice!


This looks a LOT like a poster I saw being sold and produced on a rez in new mexico...What's up with that?


okay for all the people who say that the guy is alright.

how about your family is murdered, your religion abolished and your language lost in time. all your religion's traditions, all of your people are gone, and instead of thanking them or recognizing them, they're forgotten. and their executer, a hero.


Text books are trying to make us think what they want not what we want.


Do you know what other people did to the Aztecs? You know, Cortez... they tricked them into thinking they were their friends. Then, they took over the palace and killed Emporer Monctezuma. Then, they had war. The Aztecs were winning until they all caught smallpox and died. And then, Pizarro went down and took care of the Inca in south America! How dumb is that? They told the Incan leader that he could either be burned at the stake as a heathen, or baptised in the Catholic church, and then strangled. He chose to be strangled. If you ask me, these people were major hypocrites. This was going on all over the world. It was just the normal stuff. You make these people sound like saints anyway. Aztec people would kidnap other people and sacrifice them to their Gods. They cut a hole in your stomack and pull your heart out with their bare hands. Christopher Columbus never got to the modern-day U.S. He was in the Caribbean and Central America the entire time. He did some bad things, but so did the other people of that era. I'm sure you wouldn't like to be sacrificed. There were no laws. Creeps are everywhere.


I think most of what history textbooks teach us about Columbus is complete one sided. He's always represented as "the great explorer", "the founder of the new world", and of course "friend to the Indian." He was no friend to the Indian. Evidence shows that he had many humiliated, tortured and killed.This is not friendly, this is murderous and insane and behind all the glorified paintings and superficial stories is a real scumbag. If any of you wish to come at me with more blind patriotic bullshit I will be happy to respond.


Patricia, your teacher is, in a large part, wrong. You are getting your story watered down with opinions rather than truth and REAL evidence. The fact is, C. Columbus did realize he came upon another land, in fact he went on more voyages even mapping parts of South America. I remember when I was younger and learning about this and the myth that he died not knowing what he had discovered. AND NO...he himself did not take "credit" for discovering the Americas. History attributed it to him and also, as far as Western civilization knew in the late 1400's, he did discover a land previously unknown to them. Fortunately for us and for the other discoverers, research has found other Europeans and possibly Chinese who discovered this land as well. All you people putting him down are still just getting part of the story. Before you think you have it all figured out, whichever side you take, do a little more research. There are even sources where you can read C. Columbus' original logs.

No! Columbus was not guilty of all that crap on that stupid sticker. People after him came and did that, not to mention the fact that that, unfortunately happens in every civilization...yes, including the natives that already inhabited the Americas. It wasn't a pristine paradise. The peoples who lived here then had their wars and genocidal horrors as well.

I think Jessi, a few placed below me, summed up what I said here.


His name will be known forever, and you people ... nobody will know about your ass. He didn't enslave those indians, the church did; some priest that came later. Just think about those ages, people didn't know anything and they went with the flow like we do right now. Look at the war in Iraq, people going and killing people just because they receive orders...


Read this, those who think he did good will go silent.


I'm learning about Columbus in my class, and thank God my teacher is open minded. He never said Columbus was a hero and at points he said that Columbus was thought to be a man thirsty for power. It makes sense though. He is no better than the slave masters of the Civil War, perhaps worse. Many people have been on those lands before he, Vikings, Native Americans etc. yet he takes all the credit. One more thing, when I heard the reason the Native Americans were also known as Indians, I was like. (0.0) Okay? It was because he thought he was in the Indes, right? Well, what made HIM so correct? My teacher says Columbus probably died not knowing discovered STUMBLED UPON (not DISCOVERED) North America. Good, he didn't live to soak up even more glory had he already had. *please respond*


i just need to tell you all that there are worse people just like that today,those are the ones you should be dissappointed in, im not a supporter of Columbus, and am about 26% native american, straight from here in America,never came from europe, and i dont have anything againtst the guy, any person can get caught up in their own greed and desire for power, he went too far and in turn there were consequences, but he also writes himself that he was compassionate towards the survival of these people, he just didnt see anythign wrong with enslaving them becuase he was superior. During his first journey he set out with religious goals,and a good spirit, but when he did those things, he lost the spiritual vision and goal, his heart was swayed by riches and rank of power, and ive got to say my history teacher did an excellent job of explaining exactly who he was, he went into every detail, didnt put him a some "high special person" and even agrees that he was a horrible person, but also agrees his mistakes cannot be undone, but they can be learned from. There are plenty of people that blame people in history for doing certain things that they do daily, people like that are the ones that should think again about what there doing, but my opinion is that the things he did were bad, but he was not a bad person, there is a difference.


My teacher is obsessed with what heros him and his crew were but after doing my own research on him I discovered what a pychofantic moron he was and I now do everything I can to stop the racism he started when he forced native people into slavery and raped innocent women and girls.


chritopher columbus was a fucking piece of shit .


You guys are all idiots, maybe you should read his journal entries and then come back and tell me he was a jerk. Maybe if you studied PRIMARY sources not politically correct trash you really would get the truth. Please, I'm begging you, look harder than biased propaganda that the US haters send out. I wish you guys really knew what Americas Founders and FINDERS were like, because I can tell you from experience that you have no idea what you're talking about.


I agree he did nothing but make a blunder. If it was my choice there wouldn't be a "Columbus Day"!!


Areesha is totally right. Christopher is a dick and he shouldn't be the dicoverer of america. Indians were there long before him and anyways who likes a guy who rapes innocent girls and kills natives for no reason...........who ever likes this guy is totally weird unless there a native hater :S


I totally agree. What a loser he is getting all this attention about finding the US then why not about all the killings and rapes and all that other stuff too?


christopher columbus was a horrible person and he gets glorified for being an idiot and taking a wrong turn. Sure, someone would've showed up eventually but who says they would've done such a terrible thing like he did? Areesha needs to open her mind a little and learn more facts about how my people were killed to the point of genocide.


Leave Christopher Columbus alone! Without him you wouldn't have foods such as chocolate, peanuts, tomatoes and potatoes. Sure, he was not a perfect person but who in society ever was or ever will be???


I had to do research on columbus for an american histoy project and from what i read and heard he was just what that wanted sign says. Him and his men raped innocent girls, stole everything they had, was the most racist guy you'll ever meet and he tortured innocent people.


I think that this picture is way out of control because I am studing Christopher Columbus and the poster is not supporting the facts. Write bACK!


I wrote a paper on Columbus and how he was a horrible guy. SURE. And people say that he discovered America. Ya right- there were thousands of Indians ALREADY living here. I love my teacher cause we learn the truth about people. He was the worst person in HISTORY!!!


I remember talking to one of my teachers (a good one, not a brainwasher) about columbus and she said that her kid in kindergarten asked why we have columbus day (on columbus day) and the teacher said "because he discovered america". so the kid went home and told his mom (my teacher) what they did that day and she told him to tell his teacher she is wrong. He almost got sent to the principals office.


i hate american history class because all they do is glorify all the shit we've done to the world. ugh.


I hate that schools teach that Columbo was a hero; When I learned different, I cussed out my principal. Especially since I have Native Blood.