Sticker #062: If schools were funded as well as the military, would people join the military?

Sticker #062If schools were funded as well as the military, would people join the military?

by Joe Biel Author

A child's post secondary plan shouldn't be to go kill people. 

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Can we get this but it says "schools and healthcare" ? Because we need it big time.


This sticker makes no sense. We already spend $300B more per year on education than the military.


if they were we'd all die


4 years of service (or 3 years with honorable discharge), 3 years of college assistance via the GI Bill, 4 MORE ADDITIONAL YEARS of inactive reserve, meaning you can still be called up for an additional 4 years.

not worth it!


My poor brown ass wouldn't have enlisted. I think this would look great on the mascot sculpture at my college, and the ROTC building sign, and the financial aid sign...


Anonymous, are you crazy? I'd sooner die in a gutter than die for Bush's oil.


Anarcho Petorois, are you from pittsburgh?


Join the Service - 4 years of college, for 4 years of servitude.


I was at a protest against the recruiters in our town a month ago and it would've been cool to hand some of these things out. It's funny because our schools have really bad teachers and they don't pay the staff well, but just 2 months ago a new recruitment center was put in on one of the main streets.


Make more of these please, or something else on this topic: how recruiters prey on poor people, often of color, and education is so bad in these communities that most have no idea that our wars are fought to benefit big corporations.