Razorblades And Aspirin Hardcore Punk Photozine Number Four

Razorblades And Aspirin: Hardcore Punk Photozine #4

by Michael Thorn Author

Razorblades And Aspirin: Hardcore Punk Photozine #4 begins with an intro by author/photographer Michael thorn, which is half love letter to Black Flag and half examination of punk philosophy. The rest of this zine is gorgeous photography on thick, glossy paper of various hardcore punk bands, with an index in the back.

Featured bands include: Krimewatch, Fredag Den 13:e, American Nightmare, Kovaa Rasvaa, Fireburn, Gereracion Suicida, Infest, Wolfbrigade, Deathgrave, Freseen, Isotope, Barecelona, Abuse of Power, Stress Relief, Berthold City, Doom, Judge, Papi Saicos, Initiate, Provoke, Ecostrike, Endorphins Lost, Phane, Culture Abuse, Syringe, Smut, Punx, Khiis, Zoloa, Firearm, Innocent, Redacted, Death Side, Drug Church, Turnstile, Primer Regimen, Extended Hell, Dolores, Katastrof, Career Suicide, Discourage.