Lavender cover

The Grandma Reporter Issue Two: Intimacy

by Salty Xi Jie Ng Author

What is the relationship between intimacy, aging, and being a woman? Intimacy—sexual and otherwise—is a human need, yet as we age it becomes almost taboo. This newspaper-style compilation zine was created at the Hollywood Senior Center in Portland, Oregon, and includes a ton of articles, instruction, and art that describes, encourages, and celebrates aging women's sexuality and relationships. Some of the submissions include recipes for staying connected to others in everyday life (the best one: "When you bring a plant on the bus, people sit next to you and talk where they wouldn't usually"), medical advice about sexual problems, an interview with a sex and aging activist, art exercises to help connect with your body, a joyful interview about coming out and finding a girlfriend at age 79, reviews of erotic novels, and an intimacy manifesto. And that's just the first half! This zine is so good and so packed with amazing, authentic expression. If you're aging or worried about aging or are any age and just want to read a ton of sexually empowering content, the wisdom of many grandmas is here for you.