an apartment and a ranch house.

Hardcore Architecture

by Marc Fischer Author

A photographic exploration of the relationship between physical living spaces and the history of underground US hardcore bands in the 1980s. In less fancy language, the authors used Google Street View to look up the addresses listed as the contact info for demo tapes and record reviews in MRR issues from 1982-1989. The results are surprisingly poignant. In addition to a five page essay on the project, its findings so far, and its methodology, this booklet includes color photos of 66 different band-related houses and info about each band. Street names and the like are removed, for the protection of current residents. Among the bands included are: The Crucifucks, The Didjits, The Offenders, Cryptic Slaughter, Koro, Capitalist Casualties, Poison Idea, Breakdown, Pussy Galore, Sonic Youth, Dead Virgins, Urge Overkill, Rights of the Accused, Organ Donors, Phantom Tollbooth, Uniform Choice, End Result, Murphy’s Law, Impulse Manslaughter, No Use for a Name, Suburban Mutilation, N.O.T.A., and many more.