Cometbus #50

Cometbus #50

by Aaron Cometbus

Cometbus is back for the 25th anniversary! Aaron said that #49 was it for this zine but we have #50 right here on our overpacked shelves. Along with Aaron's unmistakable handwriting and artwork are letters to the editor, interviews with some familiar faces in music like Blake Swartzenbach, Ian Mackaye, Dave Edwardson, Zak Sally, KYP Malone, Greta Brinkman, and Christina Billotte...talking about anything besides their music, a few new stories from New York, and a big feature of reviews of NYC used book stores. This zine is more of what you have come to love about Cometbus and a few surprises.



Good interviews & I love reading the letters, some are really funny.


He totally owes me one of these!