An orange zine with the silhouette of a man, right hand raised, giving an oath

The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #5

by Scotty Mylxine Author, Keith Rosson Illustrator and Abner Smith Series Editor

The fifth installment of this pseudo-anonymously penned, informational zine discusses at length the details of Iran/Contra. In 1986 the President was at the helm - secretly selling weapons to our enemies in Iran and then illegally using the profits to fund the anti-Sandinista rebel Contras, in Nicaragua. Relive the excitement - the cake in the shape of a key, world leaders lying through their teeth, and everyone denying responsibility and knowledge that it was even going on in the first place!

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Comments & Reviews


i definitely recommend this one- well written, well researched, and (relatively) unbiased.


"This little zine is for a conspiracy theorist with only minutes to live or with ADHD. The author has a gift for summary that is astounding. You'll read this and feel like you actually understand the Iran/Contra affair. In this day and age, it is both enlightening and depressing to see that our government has been remarkably consistent: bad for years.

The author goes into the history of our meddling in oil-related foreign affairs, which started innocently enough at the end of WWII, when we were the last English-speaking empire standing. It pretty much goes downhill from there. As time passes, it becomes less obvious when we are aiding friends across the sea and when we are bungling in the jungle or desert.

In order to continue this meddling once it gets on a scale large enough to be detected by the press, our gummint decides to tamper with the Constitution. Iran/Contra was a glaring example of how the folks in charge clearly ignored the foundation of what makes this country tick. Their violations, and the lack of repercussions for the transgressors haunt us to this day.

The founding Fathers would be absolutely furious if they could see us now. "


Modern U.S. History is full of all sorts of unsightly, brutal blemishes, and the authors of this ‘zine/booklet want to make sure we know everything there is to know about all of them. For issue No. 5, the Iran/Contra scandal is the focus, and – thankfully – the series’ typical paranoid speculation is abandoned in favor on honest-to-goodness reportage and cold, hard facts.

In this ongoing mini-zine conspiracy theories are debunked as real deal stuff that has gone down in the recent past. I guess this zine has maybe been thought of as a conspiracy theory zine since their issue dealing with how AIDS came about. But since then it's been pretty much factual stuff that simply was swept under the rug of popular culture. Most issues I've found to be informative and I've learned a thing or two. This issue, on the other hand, deals with an issue that happened within my formative years, so it's really not that far removed from my memory. Ah yes, the tumultuous and shitty 80's.