Walkie Talkie*  #3

Walkie Talkie* #3

by Nate Powell Author

Amazing comics from Nate Powell! The comics by Nate are wonderfully drawn and take a few reads to really understand and appreciate, but their depth and beauty come out in these readings. His stories are funny, heartfelt, and cryptic. The art is detailed and alluring, while the stories are more cryptic and difficult. He captures the moods of the characters so well, without even having them speak, or have a narrative. Issue three is a beautiful, complex, layed piece of work. It's the first part of a two part series (ending with #4). His growth as a story teller and artist is completely apparent here, as he speaks of the loneliness and awkwardness of growing up in and outside of the punk community. The moment I finished this for the first time I flipped to the first page again to read for a second time. Hands down one of the best pieces of art I've seen from the punk community. The stories run the gamut of interesting to making you laugh out loud. Nate is an excellent penciller and tells a good story. (Christupher)